The Wrong Mask

Recently a good friend made me a mask. I really loved it … until I wanted to put it on in public. I paused when I looked at it as I walked up to the store. Then, without hesitation, I put it back in my bag and pulled out a different one.

It’s not that I don’t love Jesus. I do. More than anything. It’s not that I don’t want to tell others about Him. I do. Whenever the Spirit prompts me. No. Those are not the reasons I think this is the wrong mask for me.

When I pull this mask over my face, I feel like Jesus is putting His hand gently over my mouth. It feels as if He is intently listening to whatever passes across my lips and through the thin layer of material.

Is really everything I speak worth hearing? Can people hear the truth and Jesus when I speak? Is what I say necessary and helpful in bringing others closer to God? Is what I say truly uplifting? Is it nice? Does my heart need checking before what comes from it forms words?

I confess that I have to take a closer look at myself before I commit to this mask.

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”
Ephesians 4:29-32


    • This post randomly came up. I saw your comment from a year and a half ago. I miss you, my friend. I miss being able to email you when I need advice and someone to pray for us. I can’t wait for the day … when we see each other in heaven. I hope you took notes about the moment you stepped into eternity. I want to know the details!!!! I smile even now thinking how you must have ran and talked … did they have to tell you to hold your horses??? Probably not … I am so sad for us that you are gone … and so happy for you to finally be able to walk and talk!!!! Can’t wait to see you, dear dear brother.


  1. I agree: if we wear such masks in public our words and behavior better be stellar 100% of the time. No mistakes! Years ago I pulled up at a stop light behind a car with the bumper sticker: “Honk if you love Jesus.” Since it was not a busy intersection, I went ahead and gave the other driver a friendly “Beep-beep!” WELL! He whipped around and gave me the dirtiest of looks. Obviously he had forgotten what his bumper was asking people to do! Since that experience I’ve been hesitant to blatantly advertise my Christian beliefs in public, for fear of doing more harm than good.

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  2. That is a very bold mask to wear and I’m not sure I could. Which has me questioning myself on how prepared I am to boldly have Jesus on my lips to speak of, always! I loved how it helped you with the your children though! Jesus finds a way to help us monitor our words in the most unexpected ways!

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  3. Thank you, Heidi, for your message. It resonates with me, has triggered much introspection and prayer. Your ministry has a greater impact than you can imagine. Blessings to you for taking the time to set our minds and hearts straight.


  4. I see many Christian drivers w/ the ichthus symbol of a fish on their cars, but have always shied away from adding a similar bumper sticker to my own car. I am not sure my driving meets the high standards of patience and kindness Christ would desire, and do not want to be a bad witness. ❀

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  5. Hi Heidi, interesting reaction and I think I probably would have done what you did only I’m not sure if it would have been for the same reasons. I don’t have any problem telling someone that I am a Christian but when it comes to wearing T-Shirts or anything else that speaks of Jesus or Christianity that one wears, I usually have second thoughts about that. I can’t help but feel that it is like advertising and I just don’t want to put Jesus into that category. Now a days you can literally see just about anything on a T-Shirt and an awful lot if it can be crude and insensitive. Maybe I am old fashioned (which is probably an understatement) but Jesus deserves respect and I don’t want to be a showcase for anything less than that.

    Have you ever seen the notice on the back of a car or truck that says “If you see this driver speeding or acting inappropriate, then to call this number”? I wonder if all Christian had to wear a sign that said “If you ever see or hear this Christian person acting inappropriately, please call God at this number.”, if that would change the way in which we speak to others or change what we do? It really shouldn’t, but I have a sneaky suspicion that there would be more than a few of us that would justify that phone call being made. To quick to gossip, slow to help, unkind words about others, to name but a few infractions.

    Considering that God knows everything that we think or do, that is a realization that we should be constantly aware of. And when I read your post, the thought crossed my mind, was it respect for God or the realization that I did not want that tag on me which made me more accountable? I’m thinking it’s still the respect but there may have times when it could have been the other. Good post! Blessings!

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    • Thanks for your thoughts, Bruce. I really appreciate them.
      At first I was really excited about wearing this mask. I thought it would make for a good conversation. I am not shy to talk to people about Jesus. But I felt this mask was different… it just has Jesus written across my lips. I don’t think I could do Jesus justice … it felt more like I was being pushy with it.
      But … today, when I got upset at something that happened at my house, I pulled it out of my purse and put it on. The kids had pushed my buttons … When they saw it, they smiled and got the message I was trying to convey… “We all need to watch our words.”
      I think I will wear it here at my house for a while … and see how it shakes out.
      Thanks again for the conversation, Bruce… It has Jesus written all over it πŸ™‚

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      • We raised five children so I know where you’re coming from. And you’re right about our words, physical wounds heal but words go deep and can linger for years. Good for you with the face mask, it definitely can’t hurt in the home and like you said, it could be a good conversation starter outside the home. You got me thinking which is a good thing. God’s continued grace, peace, joy and blessings on you and yours! – Bruce

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    • I do cringe when I see some of the Christian gear, Bruce, but every once in a while I see something that grabs me. My latest purchase is a T-shirt with a cross in the middle of an American flag and the words “America needs Jesus.” In the din of all the politics, I hope it will make a quiet statement and maybe start some conversations – and that if it does the latter, I will let God speak through me and not blow it. :/

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      • I like that one and good for you! I remember in my military days I belonged to an organization called Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) here in Canada and I had been at a meeting in Ottawa, Ontario and flown back to Nova Scotia where I was based. I brought back some bumper stickers for MCF and I went to give one to one of my Christian friends and before he looked at it he said “I’ll only put that on my car if it is in good taste”. For some reason I was upset that he had said that and I thought to myself “Was the cross in good taste?” but never actually said it out loud. Yet for some reason I remember it to this day whenever I see a T-shirt etc. I think if it has the right message and said so that it cannot be taken as a joke it is fine. You’re quite the lady Ann, I’m looking forward to meeting you! Blessings.

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