Five Minute Friday – Experience

Only a couple of weeks ago my cell phone rang. “Hey mom, the ring is ready to be picked up. Can you get it?” He had ordered the ring from a good jeweler close to home, even though he had moved.

Today, he would meet me half-way for breakfast exchanging the ring for a cup of coffee.

Here, still in the early morning and a few hours from breakfast, I sat alone with God at the dining room table. When I pulled the ring out to look at it one more time, I felt the deep need to pray.

I turned the smooth, white-gold ring in my hand and looked at it from every angle. I noticed its perfect condition. Nothing had tarnished it. No scratches. No bumps. No gouges. Gold is beautiful.

I felt tears coming up and closed my eyes. Holding the band in my hand I prayed. Thirty-one years of experience fueled my prayers and requests. I knew God would be there to see them through their highs and lows, laughter and tears and every bump and scratch.















p.s. When I looked at the picture after posting it, I noticed where the bottom corner of the box was sitting, “A prudent wife is from the Lord”. I had no intentions of making a point in that way. I suppose we never go wrong putting our hope on God’s Word.
“Lord, you make me smile in my tears.”


  1. Such a poignant opportunity Heidi, to pray over that ring. And I love how God guided the placement of the box for the photo! Praise God for just that–His guidance–as your son and DIL-to-be prepare to live their lives together.


  2. I wonder why it’s not ordained
    that tungsten serves to make a ring,
    for if you want brute strength maintained,
    ol’ wolfram, yeah, is quite the thing
    to symbolize the bond we want
    when we take the wedding vow,
    fierce connexion we may vaunt
    as we a straight furrow plow
    from the rice-storm of the church
    through the gales, the hopes and fears
    until we might obtain the perch
    of our final golden years,
    but rings aren’t tungsten, they are gold,
    symbol-treasure of the marriage road.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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