God of the Past

Looking at the future can be scary. But looking at the past can be even more scary.
This video that my son made as a capstone for his degree in Media Business produces a bit of fear in me, as I stare at the past. I hope though that God will use it to encourage some to look to the Light of this Season, the real reason for our Hope, Jesus Christ.

To Corey,
“Thank you, Son, for being the man that you are. I pray that God would use you mightily and make you a person who draws back the curtain of life, so people can see God’s amazing love for mankind. You did good with this video … despite what you had to work with :-)”


  1. This was a powerful testimony and obviously a labor of love between mother and son to draw you out, to record, and to present an honest look at faith’s beginnings in you. I think I would add an asterick to the title with: God of the Past for healing, God of the Present to rest in Him, and God of the Future to always feel Hope. Thanks for being brave enough to share a very personal story!


    • Thank you, Patti, for watching it and for taking time to comment. God is faithful even when we are not. He will use all of us and our stories for His glory and work indeed all things together for good! Blessings to you, dear Patty


  2. What a beautiful collaboration between mother and son! I love how God shines through you both in this presentation. And what a perfect time of year for it to come forth, for there are many yet that do not know His joy and Hope and struggle through Christmas. Blessings and love!


    • God does shine in our darkest moments. Sometimes we have to look back to see it. In the middle of it, it rarely seems like He is there. BUT HE ALWAYS IS! Have a wonderful advent season as you prepare for the Light. Sending love and hugs, dear Debbie~


  3. Heidi, this is so beautiful. Totally agree with Ben. If I may quote these … “I didn’t have to move out of me, I was still who I was; but God was working in there”, and “It’s not something I just decided, that was something that was decided for me a long, long, long time ago, and I think when somebody can see that, then it becomes a purpose, and then when we have purpose, we have life.” Pulls at the heartstrings. So often I feel, that I did/do have to move out, so He can move in, forgetting that I am being made into a new creation every moment of every day, from glory to glory. How can He make me into a new creation if I’m not in there, or constantly trying to hide or run away? Sending many blessings and hugs dear friend and thank you for sharing the depths of your heart.


    • Dearest Liana, your words encourage my heart. Yes, may God give us the strength every day to move out of His way and let Him shine His light through our cracks. I pray that He will be made more in us and we ourselves made less. Thanks again for your blogging friendship and heart toward Jesus Christ.

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  4. Oh WOW – what a wonderful and beautiful testimony, Heidi. Takes my breath away. God is so good, and I’m really grateful that you have the courage and transparency to share this life with us.


    • Hey Ben, thanks for your comment. It was something I did not want to do. But I think God is helping me not to take myself so serious. If it truly all about Him, why do I have such a hard time showing the world how He can fix the broken. He is good! I am grateful that He is also so very patient with us πŸ™‚ … Be blessed as you prepare this season for His Light.

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