The Silence Thief

fall lake, leaves, paths 006

Guard yourself from him who takes,
He who steals – the silence breaks,
Quiet moments he destroys.
Sound and racket he employs.
Blasts your days with deaf’ning noise.
Where he treads, the quiet shakes.

Priceless gifts of peace and rest,
Costly stillness which is blessed,
He thieves treasures, please beware!
Chase God’s quiet and HIS care!
Make the time for worthwhile prayer.
Don’t let this thief steal what is best. fall lake, leaves, paths 014

“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”
Exodus 14:14


(Pictures and poetry by Heidi Viars, November, 2014 Β©)


  1. You continue to amaze me, friend! How beautifully and creatively you highlighted the treasure of silence. Thank you for reminding us: “Priceless gifts of peace and rest” are well worth the cost of postponing the day’s pursuits and spending one-on-one quiet time with God. Other gifts are often bestowed as well: wisdom, strength, and joy come to mind. Lord, help me hold Heidi’s thought-provoking poem in my heart, to inspire me to chase your quiet and your care.


  2. What a great revelation for us , Heidi, to cherish the silence when we can! I loved that Ending verse too! So thankful that He fights for us and is with us!
    God bless you and bring you quiet moments of renewal and rest.


    • Thanks so much, Debbie. I just revised it … not sure if you read the new version. you might want to refresh the page.
      Was in your neck of the woods today and thought of you! Hope you are well.
      Sending much love your way, dear one


  3. I take it that you got you inspiration from that squirrel. They can be noisy when you are trying to pray. But sometimes we need to invite them (and whatever noise) into our thoughts and prayers. God may be speaking to us through them. Or they may be reminders that we have a constant enemy who wants to get us side tracked. well anyway, that’s for this great post. I went for a walk myself today, and it was very quiet!


    • How good that you were able to go on a walk today! I hope you found peace and quiet there.
      I was debating about the picture (and now exchanged it with the one above). The post was actually inspired because my husband and I were able to spent some time away. We have six kids and getting quiet seems almost impossible at times. But it is here, in the still moments, God confirms His callings and assures us He is with us! Thanks for reading, Stephen, and for your always kind comments.


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