Your Only Weapon

The following poem was inspired by a wonderful wordsmith and poet. She recently wrote a poem titled “Where’s Your Bible”.  Please check out her God-honoring writings at  Christian Poetry by Deborah Ann

Your Only Weapon

Sword of the Spirit, Word of God

The weapon no foe can defeat

Law of the Lord and His Command

The Light and the Lamp to my feet


Don’t  you leave your weapon behind.

Don’t race to war without the Lord.

You can’t defeat the enemy blind.

Nor fight wars without your sword.


Souls are slain in mind’s battlefields –

They’re slaughtered there day to day.

Desperately drew their own swords to wield

Without Bibles in war-fields they lay.

Psalm 119

8 responses to “Your Only Weapon”

  1. This was amazing, Heidi . .may it be our prayer and battle cry! God bless you as you minister to us!


    1. Thank you Debbie, and thank you for yours! 🙂


  2. Heidi, this is a wonderful call to arms and a sober warning for us not to leave them behind. Well done!

    Blessings ~ Wendy


    1. Thank you, dear Wendy! Blessings to you …


  3. I love you! I just told the Lord I want to meet you as soon as I get to heaven. I have a “Bucket List” of those who I want to meet and you are now in it! Your poetry is so deep and I love how it slowly sinks in and saturates my soul. God’s great blessings to you ~


    1. I love you too, because you love Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ amazes me when it pursues the goal of glorifying Christ together … and then, even strangers can say, with full conviction “I love you!” … That’s something pretty amazing …. Oh, the deep, deep love of God ….
      Bless you, in your work for Him… in shining your Light into the hearts of those around you!!! He is coming back and I pray He will find us faithful in this work He put on our hearts!!!! Yes, lets meet in heaven for sure, and maybe even hope to see one another sooner 🙂


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