Under His Feet

stairs, fog, conference center, December 2012 008 

We tried to row and move along.

The winds were harsh and waves were strong.

With raging storms and waters high,

We could not move for fear to die.


You just had shown your mighty pow’r,

In feeding crowds that previous hour.

You stayed behind, now all alone

We longed for you to guide us home.


Then suddenly you did appear.

You walked on what had caused our fear.

Your feet stood strong on our threat,

Told water not to pass our head.


Told wind and waves to calm right down.

Kept us secure, not let us drown.

Kept all that roared under your feet.

The enemy you crushed and beat.


In our boats, we take our pride.

Thinking how you need a ride.

In foolishness, we think we’re strong.

In kindness, you show how we’re wrong.

John 6:1-21

11 responses to “Under His Feet”

  1. The image of Christ calming the waters of the sea of Galilee has special meaning for me. ❤


  2. Thank you for that encouragement! It means much to me. Blessings to you and your ministry!


  3. I love your poetry and I normally don’t even care for poetry! Keep on writing! Bless you!


  4. “Kept all that roared under your feet.
    The enemy you crushed and beat.”

    What an awesome display of God’s power and might… But even better still, what an awesome display of His compassion on us – even in the midst of our foolishness. Thank you for sharing your gift. I’m so glad you visited my site, or I might not have discovered this place of refuge!

    Much love,


    1. Jesus, our Friend, our Redeemer… what an amazing God.. He who asks us to join Him in working for His kingdom, though He is in need of nothing… what honor… what privilege… what a blessing!
      Thanks so much Cheryl …


  5. He tells the winds and waves to calm right down . . . Praise you Jesus for calming the storms in our lives. May we trust you in all things. God’s abundant blessings to you Heidi may you continue to shine His glory!


    1. Yes, praise Him for calming those storms … whatever seems over our heads, is already under His feet 🙂 … thank you for your encouragement


  6. Oh I loved those last lines too .. .and the whole poem! Really well written, Heidi! So thankful for how lovingkind He is! God bless you!


    1. Thank you Debbie … He is so patient with me and reminds me often that I am the one in need… I am so thankful that the God of the Universe would even consider employing me to do anything for Him… but, like you said He is lovingkind!
      Blessings to you, dear sister


  7. I am so glad our hope is in HIM 🙂


  8. Your last 2 lines sum this story up so well – our strength is such an illusion!


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