25 Years – 25 Ways

february 8th, 2013, sunrise over frozen green lake 023

25 ways you have loved me like “Christ loves the Church”

1. You serve me without expecting anything in return

2. You know me intimately, yet love me

3. You seek to help me grow closer to God

4. You point me to the Word

5. You urge me to teach my children wisdom

6. You pray and intercede for me

7. You help me discover my gifts

8. You want me to live out my gifts

9. You bring me undeserved gifts

10. You want to spend time with me just because

11. You see me without make-up and tell me I am beautiful

12. You look over offenses

13. You speak truth to me

14. You are loyal to me

15. You treasure my heart

16. You say “Lets work it out”

17. You gently show me when I am wrong

18. You can just have fun

19. You are there when I need you

20. You are patient with me

21. You protect me

22. You stick close to me

23. You will not leave me

24. You love me

25. You have forgiven me

I love you and thank you for 25 years of loving me the way that Christ loves the Church.

february 8th, 2013, sunrise over frozen green lake 012

2 responses to “25 Years – 25 Ways”

  1. thank you, Wendy … I think the “good” develops over time … and then, in some wonderful way, if we hang on to it, grows and stays to be remembered 🙂 … love your pictures and poems!!!


  2. Congratulations, Heidi, on 25 good years of marriage! Your post is both beautiful and encouraging.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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