Stop Looking

December 10th, 2012, snow, woods, trees, winter 020

You look for love and acceptance, and drain those around you.

You long for fullness of understanding, and find only souls whom you and others have emptied.

You seek for compassion in friends and are willing to walk to the end of your days to find those who show it, only to see that a lifetime is too short for such a quest.

You search for someone who would love you, even knowing everything there is to know about you.


Stop looking to people.


I know your deepest need and your most intimate desire for love.

I long for you.

I have made you for myself.

I have seen you, even in those dark times.

I forgive you.

I will give you my most precious gift, my Son.

I will show you the marvels I have created for you and glimpses of myself.

I will fill you with my love that will last an eternity.


… and when you have eaten of this love of mine,

and only then,

can you love others, without expectations and a need for returns.


For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish.

John 3:16

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