I Had A Dream

moon clouds 006I had a dream:

People who had homes and clothes shared them with those who didn’t.

I woke to my closets full and my spare rooms brimming with things.


I had a dream:

Children without parents were loved and cared for.

I woke and worried about having enough money in my retirement fund.


I had a dream:

Old people were asked for their opinions and cherished for their wisdom.

I woke to another nursing home being built next door.


I had a dream:

Little girls played innocent games.

I woke to worrying about internet pornography.


I had a dream:

Little boys were looking up to their fathers.

I woke to news about boys shooting guns in schools.


I had a dream:

Every unborn child was given a chance at life.

I woke to my inability to speak up for the weak and helpless.


“Father, we live in a world where we have let go of our dreams and have started to live in our nightmares. We are numb to the pain we have created for ourselves. Wake us up. Help us to turn from our ways. Show us how to live and give us the courage to follow your voice.”


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