A Day is Like a Thousand Years

january 4th, 2013 040

Sometimes our days feel like drops in an ocean. Out of the seemingly abundant supply of time they appear insignificant and disappear never having left a meaningful mark or made a difference in us. We call them ordinary, mundane or even irrelevant.

Then there are those days which leave us changed forever. Absolutely joyous occasions and deep valleys of pain stake themselves into the soil of our hearts and leave a mark forever, have us remember a day for the rest of our lives.

One day can be as valuable as a thousand years, while other days, even when added up in a long line and summed up as a thousand years, can be as insignificant as a single day.

We have to learn to make our days count. We have been given a short time here. Our enemy delights in putting obstacles in our way of recognizing the importance of one day. He tempts us with lies, insecurities and pride and tries to keep us from being affective for God.

“Father, help us live out our calling today. This is the day you have made. In it we find value. In it we find You. In it we find those whom You put on our path. Help us to number our days aright, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom and understanding. Fill our days with You, and in doing so give them eternal value.”

january 4th, 2013 011

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