Footprints in the Snow

snow covered paths - Green Lake Conference Center
snow covered paths – Green Lake Conference Center

The walk was beautiful. On this very last day of the year, snow-covered paths, fields and trees spread out in front of me. Only a week ago, 15-18 inches of snow had come down and covered the earth all around me. I took deep breaths and was feeling tremendously blessed being able to walk and move. What better way to close out the year than in prayer and quietness with God.

My eyes tried to take it all in and wandered back and forth from the distance to right in front of me, where I had to take the next step. It was here I noticed someone had gone before me, a set of footprints right next to where I was walking. As I looked down and examined those footprints, I was trying to imagine the Lord walking with me. My heart sank, as I pictured his naked feet in the snow (my imagination was not allowing for me think of our Savior in a set of boots). Suddenly, I felt a deep sadness in me. The Lord of the Universe barefoot in the snow made me weep. I prayed. “Lord, if you were here, I would love to warm your feet.” Immediately, I sensed a tuck at my heart and a voice deep within, “Any feet you warm are my feet”.

Theresa came to mind. I had been praying for her. I knew of her need and her stay at a homeless shelter. Sandy had been cruel. Life had been hard for her before the storm hit, but now, this was unimaginable to me. I prayed and told the Lord how little I had to help. Again, there was a tuck at my heart which reminded me that He owned it all. I needed to trust and pray.

The call came in the afternoon that same day. A wonderful friend and her husband wanted to contribute to Theresa’s box. Their heart obviously had been listening to the Lord. It became apparent to me, that God was seeing Theresa and her children.

Indeed, He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. The earth is His footstool. He created all things for Him. He is the Living God, the Creator and Sustainer, The Lord of lords, King of kings, and does with His possessions as He pleases. How fortunate we are when we see Him work and display His heart for His people!

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