He stood there on the side of the road, next to the shopping center. His big frame and bearded face were bent toward the ground, not like a strong man should stand. He held his cardboard sign across his chest as if  to tell the world what he was. The words were written in black permanent marker speaking about a micro snippet of his life and need.

I pretended for a split second that I didn’t see him. I blamed drugs and alcohol for his dire state and even tried to convince myself that he was probably under the influence of both. I tried hard to ignore him.

Something inside of me jerked the car into an empty parking spot close by. I got out and found my feet doing their own thing. He was startled when I greeted him. His eyes, embarrassed and dull, tried to look away.

I told him about the love I knew. I asked him if he had ever heard about Christ’s love for him. He was not sure if he believed, but willing to listen to the Good News. I spoke of the judgment we all deserve and grace we received when Christ took the place of those who put their faith in Him. His life, my life, are both the same at the foot of the cross. We are made worthy because of Him who is worthy.

A five minute conversation…. a look into the eyes… an encounter which left me changed… humbled…


Continue to show me Your heart.

While the world was telling me my worth, You showed me my worth on the cross.

Thank You for the best gift in life. Thank You for grace undeserved.

Make me bold to share the Best News ever.

2 responses to “Worthy”

  1. Thanks Jen, it’s all because of God’s grace… How and why He chooses to use us, is beyond my comprehension…I suppose we can pray that we can understand that grace, which makes us worthy, better each day. May nothing, neither pride, nor insecurities, nor the enemy, nor the world keep us from grasping His sweet grace 🙂 … and then go in Him, and do the things He created us to do … Blessing, sister


  2. Thank you for writing this you have a beautiful soul given to you by Christ for the soul purpose of lifting others up with the good news. I nearly cried when I read your words “while the world was showing me my worth you showed me my worth on the cross”. What wonderful life giving truth and I so needed to here your message tonight Godbless


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