The house is quiet.

The seconds drip out of the clock into my ears.

I remember my grandmother’s clock –

and different seconds ticking away.

Slower ones made their way across a quiet table, set for two.

Time for quiet. Time for silence –

Only the dripping of seconds.

I don’t remember what was said at the table,

Only what wasn’t.


Father, show me when to to embrace silence and welcome it

rather than to destroy it with words and other noise.

Teach me when to speak and when to be silent.

Ecclesiastes 3:7


2 responses to “Silence”

  1. Loved this poem your imagery was beautiful and it evoked a raw nerve because sometimes I find it hard to be still and quiet waiting for him to speak but I won’t give up


    1. Thank you for reading and posting. Indeed, it is difficult to be still and wait on the Lord. He knows it though and is so patiently teaching us if our hearts are willing. 🙂 Psalm 103:14


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