Just A Moment … Or Is It?

“We do not remember days,

We remember moments.”

Cesare Pavese


I was walking out into the early morning.

The air was heavy with a crisp fall fog.

Trees were standing like giants in the mist and their

beautifully colored leaves were slowly making their way down to the ground all around me.

God spoke to my heart.

He reminded me of how often I take precious moments for granted.

Moments pass by, like those leaves, they make their way into the past.

For a short time we get to experience them, then they are gone.

If I want to hear God and listen to His quiet whisper,

I must slow down. I must seek Him in this moment.


“Lord, the moments pass me by, one at a time.

Make me aware of Your presence in each of them.

Help me to see You and Your hand over me.

Help me to see You and find You faithful

in each moment of the day.

I don’t have to fear that time

rushes by and grabs the moments out of my grasp,

but while taking time to see You, I get to experience

 glimpses of Eternity.”

Isaiah 40:7-8

One response to “Just A Moment … Or Is It?”

  1. This is so true and a wonderful prayer to pray. Psalm 90:12
    Thank you for sharing with me. Love to you. Justeen


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