Pondering on Heaven

I will be able to experience love in a completely new way.

I image feeling loved to the utmost degree I ever wished for
here on earth.

Not even a sliver of that longing will be left unmet.

Any longing I have felt here for a father’s love, a lovers love,
or a friend’s love will all be wrapped in one love, poured out
never to cease.

This love will come from the ONE who knows me most intimately.

He knows the depth of my soul like no one has ever known me here.

No hiding.

No shame.

No guilt.

My deepest desire and longing will be fulfilled by being in the presence of the One who completely loves me.

Sin no longer will taint my being, and I will be able to experience that for which I was created, true fellowship with Him and others.

Father, help me live in glimpses of that reality today.

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