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Tag: truth

Praying Big

I pray Your will, God, be my heart For You to set my life apart For perfect love to cast out fear To know Your presence strong and near To stand in Holy Spirit power. To not grow faint with passing hour To know and speak Your Truth and Word The Gospel from my mouth be heard For full assurance of Your ways As hardship there before me lays For love to cover many sins For what I do Christ glory brings For making strong my feeble hand For laying… Read more Praying Big


“Your work is trash.” “Your light is dim.” “Your words are rash.” “You cause is grim.” ~ “Your friends you drained.” “Your kids are pale.” “Your spouse is faint.” “Your heart is frail.” ~ Who speaks these words Which closely stick To heart and mind And make me sick? ~ Did God speak them? No! They’re not love. They come from Hell, Not from above. ~ God says I’m His. I bear His name. Christ took my sins. Bore all my shame. ~ He calls me blessed, Redeemed, adored, Beautifully… Read more Voices

Through the Bars of His Prison

His name is written in the palm of my hand. When I first heard his name mentioned on the radio, I was in my car. As I listened to his story intently, my heart started to break. I did not want to forget. I dug in my purse and grabbed a pen. “SAEED” I scribbled his name into the palm of my left hand and have been writing it there since. When I close my eyes, I see the bars of His prison. I chose my words about God carefully.… Read more Through the Bars of His Prison