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The Sword

Long ago, at a time when wars were fought with swords, in a warring country, lived a young, valiant man who yearned to fight at the front lines of the raging battle. He was courageous and often asked his father for a sword so… Continue Reading “The Sword”

Ventilator Faith

As I sat and watched the ventilator breathe for my son Corey, I felt questions about my faith emerge. Fear mingled with doubt and became a poisonous concoction injecting itself into my mind. While people had regularly commended me for my faith going through… Continue Reading “Ventilator Faith”

Safe Paths

A couple of days ago on my walk, I was coming up to an open field.  I noticed that the grass and weeds had been burned. Just the previous day, I had passed the same spot and marveled at the lushes green sprouting up… Continue Reading “Safe Paths”

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