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Tag: Psalm 119

Your Only Weapon

The following poem was inspired by a wonderful wordsmith and poet. She recently wrote a poem titled “Where’s Your Bible”.  Please check out her God-honoring writings at  Christian Poetry by Deborah Ann Your Only Weapon Sword of the Spirit, Word of God The weapon no foe can defeat Law of the Lord and His Command The Light and the Lamp to my feet * Don’t  you leave your weapon behind. Don’t race to war without the Lord. You can’t defeat the enemy blind. Nor fight wars without your sword. *… Read more Your Only Weapon

Of Mercy and Discipline

There are few questions I despise. One of them is, “Do you know how fast you were going, ma’am?” I knew I was busted. He was nicely tucked in at the bottom of the hill.  As soon as I passed him, he pulled out. With my eyes glued to my review mirror, I was hoping he was going for someone else (sorry, just being honest here). Nope, his lights lit up and right there, on the main street, in busy mid-day traffic, I sat digging for my license and proof… Read more Of Mercy and Discipline