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There is one question I am repeatedly asked at church and other places, “It’s been five years since you have adopted. Are things easier now?” Many times I give the short answer and nod my head. The fact is that many things have gotten easier. However, many more things have gotten much harder. In the beginning, when we tried mushing a family of five together with a family of three, we were so much more graceful with each other. We knew we needed space and tried to put on a… Read more Attachments

How I Love You!

What all could I do, to show you my love? Should I let the stars sing, or turn planets above? What else could I move, to convince you I care? Should I send raging storms, or move lightening through air? What act of my love would persuade you today? Should I, in myself, for depravity pay? What more could I give, so your heart turns to me? Should I ask my own Son, on a cross for you bleed? It all has been done, yet still won’t you bend Toward… Read more How I Love You!