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Go Home

Why do you wander so aimlessly, My soul, far away from home? Have you been evicted shamelessly By lies … and were made to roam? Your walls, your dignity, once were strong Now broken, and occupied By worries and fears of being wrong –…


“Your work is trash.” “Your light is dim.” “Your words are rash.” “You cause is grim.” ~ “Your friends you drained.” “Your kids are pale.” “Your spouse is faint.” “Your heart is frail.” ~ Who speaks these words Which closely stick To heart and…

Pardon Me

S’cuse me while you folks debate, In knowledge deep and high, While you ponder those who’re gone And said their last good bye. * Sorry, if I bother you, In fig’ring out who lied, That boy took daddy’s gun away Left, shot himself, and…

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