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Tag: lies

Go Home

Why do you wander so aimlessly, My soul, far away from home? Have you been evicted shamelessly By lies … and were made to roam? Your walls, your dignity, once were strong Now broken, and occupied By worries and fears of being wrong – By evil and sland’rous lies. Run back in a hurry! Take your stand! Believe now what God has said He paid for your home – secured the land All claims by others are dead None may slander – steal honor from you, Nor take strength and… Read more Go Home


“Your work is trash.” “Your light is dim.” “Your words are rash.” “You cause is grim.” ~ “Your friends you drained.” “Your kids are pale.” “Your spouse is faint.” “Your heart is frail.” ~ Who speaks these words Which closely stick To heart and mind And make me sick? ~ Did God speak them? No! They’re not love. They come from Hell, Not from above. ~ God says I’m His. I bear His name. Christ took my sins. Bore all my shame. ~ He calls me blessed, Redeemed, adored, Beautifully… Read more Voices