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Man – The Dwelling Place of God (Sunday Quote)

“From man’s standpoint the most tragic loss suffered in the Fall was the vacating of this inner sanctum by the Spirit of God. At the far-in hidden center of man’s being is a bush fitted to be the dwelling place of the Triune God….

Perfect Strangers

The phone rang and in an instant our lives changed. While I forget many ordinary tasks I perform during the day, I will never forget what I was doing when my son called me on his cell at 8:33 a.m. to tell me that…

Don’t Pass By

Each face you pass, each life and heart Eternal value bears. The Maker Who with love made all Placed man with loving care. Each fellow trav’ler has a tale. Each life tells truth abound. Each heart has hurts and joys untold Like treasures to…

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