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His Glory

When I stepped outside to take care of my flowers, I found a beautiful surprise. The setting sun was in a haze and its color stunning. For a moment I forgot I was an adult and sat in the grass next to my phlox…

Of Dead-Heading and Vision Problems

I love dead-heading my flowers. Early in the morning and in the cool evening hours I go out and spend time trimming away, especially at the Petunias in hope it would encourage more blossoms, which in turn attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Today, in the…

A Good Friend

I couldn’t wait to put them in a vase. I had picked a few sprigs and blossoms in the field and mixed in ordinary weeds which had grown on the side of the path. A single coneflower, spiderworth, orange milkweed, and tickseed made a…

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