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Tag: faith


The cursed ground shakes violentlyThe sky goes dark – though it is day.Accusing foes stand silentlyIn awe behold the Truth the Way. God tears the veil – so all can see Rends wall that shrouds the Holy Place No longer heard a debtor’s plea Come! You who’re freed, behold His face. Your groaning nature’s overcomeBy thorns grown out of bloody dirt,Worn as a crown – to hail God’s SonThat joys instead of sighs be birthed. Come! Open eyes – like tombstones wide –Walk in – or stand outside and know… Read more Life

World Changer

“Don’t bother!” Says the small voice in my head. “It’s just a drop in the ocean!” “The suffering in this world’s too great!” “Don’t waste your time and emotions!” What if the pain of the many don’t add? But what if great need comes in ONE? Wouldn’t we make ONE entirely glad With whatever for ONE is done? “Lord, teach me to help the ONE next to me – Ease ONE’s load – take care of his pain Despite this whole world of sadness still see, The whole world of ONE can be changed.”… Read more World Changer


I am sitting here in the middle of summer, bogged down by winter. In early spring our roof partially collapsed from the weight of ice and snow. We noticed our dilemma in the middle of April after the snow finally melted. Since then we have been busy with insurance adjusters, structural engineers, desk adjusters, and eventually a builder. All have come to the same conclusion, namely that a complete tear-off is necessary before more snow comes. This process includes the removal of the entire roof structure. Shingles, decking, rafters, fascia… Read more Deconstruction