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His Glory

When I stepped outside to take care of my flowers, I found a beautiful surprise. The setting sun was in a haze and its color stunning. For a moment I forgot I was an adult and sat in the grass … Continue reading

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God’s Gentleness

I got up early and headed for the woods. I asked the Lord to help me make my thoughts obedient to Christ. I just wanted to hear Him, not my own words in my head. Looking down at my feet, … Continue reading

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In the Balance of Light and Dark

Sometimes circumstances come together perfectly. This morning they did for me. The full moon was setting close to the same time the sun was coming up. I grabbed the tripod and headed out into the frigid dawn. After capturing the … Continue reading

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He is amazing. He is creative. He is more than we can ever comprehend. He wants us to know how much He loves us. He wants us to see how much He cares. Then, when we try to understand, Try … Continue reading

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He healed the sick. Made deaf to hear. He cured the blind. Was God, was near. * He quenched the thirst. He filled the need. He paid for sins. Was God, did bleed. * He spat on dirt. Made holy … Continue reading

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Come, Walk With Me

Come walk with me into the night. Come to the fields with me. No man-made light, no city glitz Pollute your eyes to see. * Just look into the night sky here. Just wonder like a child. Let deep within … Continue reading

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