All I Ever Need

In the depth of the dark, be a song in my heart.

When my soul is weary and the troubles of the night rear their heads,

Be my comfort and joy.

Make my thoughts clean before you and turn my heartache to a joyful song.

Let your blood cover my life and flow to the crevasses of my understanding.

Let the night be the place I praise you until dawn.


You knew me before the day you formed the earth.

You knew my ways before you set the first star in place.

You knew me when I was conceived, and you held me while you formed me.

You knew me then, you know me now.


You know me when my troubles seem to overtake me.

You know me when I fear to fight the enemy.

You know me when I am insecure and rather hide.

You know me when I stray from the secure path you have for me.

You know how to strengthen me and teach me patiently.

You know me now and you know my future.


You know where I will be in the days to come.

You know the road that is before me, and every turn and bend.

You know the people I will encounter and friends I have not met yet.

You know the heartaches that are still to come and the joys that have not made me laugh yet.

You knew me then, you know me now, and you will know me in a million years.


You are the joy of my heart,

The love of my life,

The peace in my soul,

The rain in my drought,

The calm in my storm,

The light of my dark,

The sword in my fight,

The hope in my world,

The shelter in my fear,

The water I thirst,

The daddy I need,

And so much more.

Please forgive me when I go anywhere else with my needs.


Father, wake me with a praise in my heart and a song on my mind. Make me aware of you in my yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But especially in the “right now”. You are the God of all of that. You are the “I Am”.
(After I had gone to sleep fretting over circumstances beyond my control, I woke up one night praying these words. In previous nights I had experienced sleeplessness and anxiety and prayed for God to show me to trust Him. I believe this was His answer to my heart…. praise Him, when I don’t have all the answers!)

Wandering from Home

Wandering away from home isn’t a good idea. Aimless wandering eventually turns painful. I think the Lost Son in Luke 15:11-32 would share some messy details of his wandering adventure, if we were able to talk to him. I think he would would warn us, who are so prone to wander, to stay close to home and near to the Father’s heart.

I too have walked away from the save places which God prepared for me. I can see how it happened. It started with tiny whispers of discontentment. The voices slowly grew louder and started to question the place of security and provisions. The winding road ahead became more and more intriguing and lured away from safety. Eventually, I trusted the voices and myself more then God and what He had for me.

The Lord does not leave nor forsake His child. He sees us on those winding roads, always beckons to come home into his loving arms. While the noise of the world wants to drown out the Father’s gentle call, it has nothing to offer in the end, but pain and sorrow.

The safest place, the sweetest comfort, the purest love, the richest provision, the deepest joy, are all found near the Father’s heart. He longs for us to turn around on that winidng road and make our way back home, where He is patiently waiting.

Of Goldenrod and Faithfulness

Sometimes the first sign of a changing seasons is not a welcome sight. Sometimes God changes our perspective and helps us look at those signs with different eyes.

Goldenrod has not been my favorite plant to spot at the end of summer. This weed has always been an annoying reminder that pretty soon the endless days of summer indeed will come to an end. For years it made me sad when I saw it, until this year.

The first scrawny plant appeared in the field behind my house. I spotted it on my evening walk and immediately felt the sadness creep in. Soon the kids would head off to school all day and another summer would just be memories. As I felt my tears well up, I prayed and asked God to take that sadness and help me to be thankful.

Something happened at that moment. I felt the desire to pick the plant, along with some others that grew nearby. I went home, put them in a vase, and set them on my dining room table. I started to examine the plant and realized how each blossom had been uniquely created. I noticed how wonderfully the sum of the yellow flowers stood out in my kitchen. I sensed the assurance of my Father’s faithfulness and  His dependability.

I am so grateful that the Lord is in charge of the changing season. He is not only timely, but He can be trusted, even when we can’t see ahead. Sometimes He allows us to peek a little closer at His creativity. Sometimes He uses “annoying weeds” to show us how intimately He is involved in our lives and how faithful He is to us.

“Lord, teach me to trust you, no matter what season lies ahead. Help me to be teachable and look for your faithful hand in my life. You give me glimpses each day that are reminders. Help me to see them. Change me to accept what comes from your hand. Help me to see your faithfulness in the Goldenrod.”

Psalm 85:11
Faithfulness springs up from the ground, and righteousness looks down from the sky.

Psalm 73:28 (NASB)

But as for me the nearness of God is my good;

I have made the Lord GOD my refuge,

that I may tell of all Your works.


Have you tasted? Have you seen,
What God prepared with joy?
Or have you found your fill on earth
In things that will destroy?

So much of what you feast upon,
And what you eat with ease,
Does not compare with Jesus’ food,
His love, His joy, His peace.

He is the Water for your thirst,
The Bread that satisfies.
He is enough for all your needs,
And hears your faintest cries.

Early Morning Walk

The faintest ray of light sneaks through my bedroom window.
I am drawn outside to celebrate the beginning of a new day.
“Come walk with me!” a voice beckons.
So I do.


How good it is to find the Father already at work making His mercies new.

Here, I commit to Him my day.

Let Him shape and hone.

Let Him guide through gentle whispers.

Like a loving friend He patiently listens to my worries and

and carries what becomes too heavy for me.


Then He lights up the sky with colors so magnificent

that even the mist in the field stands in awe.

Birds sing their praises to the Maker and Creator.

His promises to my heart are like the oaks I pass, sure and strong.

His love for me is like the river I cross, steadfast and satisfying a thirsty place.

His care for my needs is like the field producing nourishment in due seasons.


“Father, teach me here in the early morning.

Help me to see that this day belongs to you.

My time is in your hand. I cannot add a single minute.

Bring me back again tomorrow, to commit anew the day and all that it will bring.”

Psalm 59:16

But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.


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