We listen and look far into space.
We climb high mountains and dive deep oceans.
We discover worlds of microorganisms in a single drop of water.

Yet, we don’t see and hear people …

… and forget what it means to be human.


  • Mountain Grandeur  

    Mountain Grandeur  

    There sits between mountains a mirrorReflecting the Kings love and might.The lake speaks to only the hearer –Shows Heaven to those who have sight. Rising geese sing the song of the age,As if trumpets of bands far away.Beneath mountains for glorious stageClouds draw back and point to the play. A tune lifts on wings of […]

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  • Perfect Grounds

    I shuffle into the kitchen and turn on the microwave light. It is all the light I can handle while trying to wake up. I am looking forward to my first cup of coffee, the pod kind. Water and pod. Check.Slam lid shut. Check.Place my colorful, thin-rimmed, mug under the spout. Check.  Push start.It doesn’t […]

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  • Cause and Reason for a Song

    Cause and Reason for a Song

    No cause necessary. Nothing was before. No dirt needed to build. No help from angels required. I wonder if You said, “Watch this. Stand back and sing While we show you love’s first seed. Shout for joy all you heavenly beings, While we knit together the place Which will receive our wonder – This miracle […]

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  • Maybe and Amen

    There, at the entrance of every new path,At the onset toward Uncertainty and Longing,Stands an iron gate called Maybe, Guarded by towering, stoic sentries. They vet the traveler’s weak desire,Try to persuade the meek to turn around.Fear and doubt tucked tightly into their sheaths.“Beware,” they whisper in unison. Take hold of the path, dear Soul!Look […]

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  • The Night After Christmas

             Christmas is over. The house is quiet. Sheets and towels softly tumble in the dryer. The dishwasher is swooshing almost unnoticeably. Our kids and their spouses went back home. Everything moves quickly past. Even the garbage was picked up this morning. The disposable dessert plates and shreds of wrapping paper disappeared into the […]

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  • Dreads and Bulky

    Dreads and Bulky

    I was in a hurry. Annoyed, I weaved my cartful of groceries around the man and his dog. Both stood right by the exit of the big box store. What an odd couple at an odd place.          He was thin and tall, thirty-something. Long, black dreads fell into a dark and deeply scared […]

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