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Category: Song


    This life a river, running fast O’er my heart, a calloused stone. Troubles seem like waters, vast Rushing with the goal to hone.  ~ Wake me up, let waters flow. Move me so that I give in. Use this river and do show Where I stray and where I sin.  ~ Mold my cold and stony heart Into the shape you have it be. I know pain will have a part For my heart to be set free.  ~ Put in me, o God, your heart. Help me… Read more River

Imago Dei

His image printed on each face In every heart displayed His glory mirrored in each race Throughout the earth arrayed His picture on the weakest child On old and frail, there too In men and women – both alike His likeness peers on through In those despised by this world’s fair In lost and in the found In poor and rich – His imprint’s there In people all around Be careful then how you treat man For God’s face is on all To love your neighbor is His plan To… Read more Imago Dei

“Turn Mundane Into Holy”

“LORD, help my prideful heart today, My work before YOUR throne to lay. LORD, teach my selfish stubborn will To quiet down – how to be still. ~ Show me that routine tasks I do, Are not for me, but all for YOU. In mundane work, help others see Christ’s holiness, which dwells in me. ~ It all belongs to YOU, my LORD – All that I spend, all I afford, All my possessions, life and wealth, The length of days, my very health. ~ For all I vainly chase… Read more “Turn Mundane Into Holy”

Praying Big

I pray Your will, God, be my heart For You to set my life apart For perfect love to cast out fear To know Your presence strong and near To stand in Holy Spirit power. To not grow faint with passing hour To know and speak Your Truth and Word The Gospel from my mouth be heard For full assurance of Your ways As hardship there before me lays For love to cover many sins For what I do Christ glory brings For making strong my feeble hand For laying… Read more Praying Big

The Promise

God promised me a Filling Pow’r His Helper gave to me. But I, instead of living filled, live empty, in defeat.  ~ God gifted me the Holy Ghost Through Jesus’ sacrifice. Instead of living in His strength I struggle and I fight.  ~ God purposed truth and peace for me. His Comforter to know. His wisdom and His knowledge vast Will show me where to go.  ~ God’s Holy Promise is my Seal. No earthly force can stand. No power of hell can harm my soul, If under His command.… Read more The Promise