Hi! I am Heidi Viars. I have been married to Scott for over thirty-four years (and I shamelessly admit that I made the better deal). We are parents of six kids, adopted and biological, adults and teens.

I started this blog almost ten years ago. I shared pictures from my early morning walks, from the beauty I found in a breathtaking sunrise or the simplicity of a sunflower in a field. Many mornings I came home and sat with the downloaded photos, and was stirred by awe. I tried to condense this almost uncontainable joy through a few, carefully chosen words in poetry, an outlet I still use today to manage deep emotions.

But then things changed.

More and more, God showed me people … something more beautiful to Him than sunrises and flowers. I took note of their stories and tried to find Him there.

What I found surprised me.

My prayer is that you are just as astonished at what you see in these ordinary yet extraordinary reflections.

I hope to see you there …

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