We listen and look far into space.
We climb high mountains and dive deep oceans.
We discover worlds of microorganisms in a single drop of water.

Yet, we don’t see and hear people …

… and forget what it means to be human.


  • Just Five Minutes

    Just Five Minutes

    (I wrote this this last fall, when my husband was hospitalized with COVID for nearly a month. I find I still need the reminders to slow down. Maybe you do, too.) I set the breakfast table for one. The house is quiet, except for the gentle ticking of the grandfather clock. The sound tiptoes across…

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  • For the Birds

    For the Birds

    I grabbed the cold, metal garage door handle and pulled upward. The large, frozen springs on each side squeaked and the wooden panels groaned as the door opened. Winter sunlight poured over the salty grime on the cement floor and onto the garden shelf. I stood and surveyed the watering cans, hooks, trowels and shovels,…

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  • Rise Heart

    This morning, Lindsey just took my breath away with her words. Please check out her beautiful and hopeful post. “What a blessing it was to read here, Lindsey … THANK YOU!” ~~~ Dawn is an old woman creaking out of bed this morning. Her rosy fingers are slow to pull back the covers. Her sigh…

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  • On Being Seen

    On Being Seen

     For almost two weeks he laid there on the side of the road. He was probably flung overboard by a buckled child who was desperately kicking around for some freedom. He must have slid right past mom’s attention as she pushed a wiggly stroller. The cold December rain and snow did not do him any…

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  • Of Donkey Kong and Saving Lives …

    Of Donkey Kong and Saving Lives …

    I feel for the carpeted edge of the stairs with socked toes and make sure not to spill the steaming coffee on my way down. The house is still. It’s too early for the heater to kick in. A sliver of moon presses past the pines and mature oaks and reaches through the egress window…

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  • A Speck of Dust – Reflections from my Desk

    A Speck of Dust – Reflections from my Desk

    How often do I empty the ordinary of its grandeur –Toss the light of creation power into the darkness of my ignoranceHow often do I mistake the moon and the stars for dust and decay –Replace the grace of God with happenstance But grace – makes the entire universe land, again and again, In specks…

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