We listen and look far into space.
We climb high mountains and dive deep oceans.
We discover worlds of microorganisms in a single drop of water.

Yet, we don’t see and hear people …

… and forget what it means to be human.


  • A Million Maples       or “What is it to you?”

    A Million Maples or “What is it to you?”

    I was walking in the woods this morning and felt compelled to pray for two friends. The crazy thing is, they don’t know they are my friends. I don’t check in with them like close friends do, don’t have them over for dinner or call them to tell them the latest happenings of our family.…

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  • The Sovereign and the Chickadee

    The Sovereign and the Chickadee

    Over the summer I have been sitting outside at my deck table to meet God. This morning, when I straightened out the damp table cloth to put down my journal and Bible, I noticed a chickadee’s downy feather. I smiled. Words stirred my soul… ~~~~ You make me smile. You, the herald of the morning,…

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  • Bitterness


    I pull up the rusty gate-latch and step into a soaked garden. I am careful not to rip out the thin threads of morning glory which weave through the gate and a large part of the six food fence. Some of the purple blossoms have already closed in anticipation of the heat. For now, a…

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  • Cast Away

    Cast Away

    I was headed to the grocery store when I saw Mr. Wrecker on the side of the busy highway turning the crank on his flatbed. Mr. FedEx had broken down and was watching Mr. Wrecker load the truck to be hauled off. I wasn’t too far from home and wondered if the breakdown was going…

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  • War in Paradise

    War in Paradise

    No one is settled – yet. There is great commotion and fighting in my back yard on this warm spring morning. Everyone is quarreling, chirping, hooting and arguing over who gets to move into the brand-new bird house in the shade and who eats at the feeders first. The dilapidated wooden box, which is nailed…

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  • Life

    The cursed ground shakes violentlyThe sky goes dark – though it is day.Accusing foes stand silentlyIn awe behold the Truth the Way. God tears the veil – so all can see Rends wall that shrouds the Holy Place No longer heard a debtor’s plea Come! You who’re freed, behold His face. Your groaning nature’s overcomeBy…

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