The Table

I sit in the dark of a dawning morning, trying to plan the day, when to put the casserole in and if I should skip the fresh salad. As I think of the thousands of tables set all over our country today, a different table comes to mind.
This table, I believe, is set already. It is waiting for us. We will be seated there, along with those we love and who will not be here today. This table will stretch as far as the eye can see. Our Father has planned this meal from the beginning of time and our Brother will serve us. He who created, will be reaching over our shoulder and place grace before us.
At that table will sit those who were never invited to any table, whose offenses have kept them tasting goodness. When we look down the center, we will see on each side, stretching into a sea of the forgiven, our enemies.
There will be the Thief on the Cross.
Unfaithful husbands.
Unfaithful wives.
I will be there.
You will be there.
Today, while we take a seat at our tables – alone or with others – I pray God will give us the grace to see the table there and all those who will be seated there. He paid for our place with His love.


  1. Thank you for helping us visualize this glorious occasion, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! I wonder if we’ll “sing and shout the victory” as the old hymn suggested? Surely we won’t be able to remain silent in such a state of euphoria!


    • Lindsey, so grateful we have crossed paths!!! Your writing always inspires me … keeps me looking for the Lord in all that He has created. THANKS for being faithful with the gifts He has given you!


    • I can’t wait to read, Fran. I appreciate your heart so much. It seems the list of the guests already there is growing … and making me look forward to that day. Thank you, dear friend, for your part in handing out invitations. Sending love your way ❤️

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