Month: May 2020

Wedding Invitations

My son and his fiancĂ© have been planning their wedding. It’s quite the challenge in this pandemic. They picked the date long before stores and venues shut down. They chose the anniversary of a disastrous, near fatal accident my son had five years ago.… Continue Reading “Wedding Invitations”

Ground Zero

It started at ground zero. A microscopic organism caused havoc on an entire planet and shut down the World in the physical realm. It made us worry, fear, retreat, and isolate. What might God do, if we became truly infected with His love? What… Continue Reading “Ground Zero”

Of Monsters and Beasts

I came in the house carried food from afar Like women of old, who shopped at bazaars. Was tired and beat from reading the signs, From standing on blue tape and waiting in lines. “How was it?” my hubs and all the kids asked.… Continue Reading “Of Monsters and Beasts”

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