I picked up the pen and hesitated for a split second before signing the petition to reduce the speed limit in our neighborhood. I am not against reduced speed – not at all-  but have an extremely heavy foot.

When a while ago blue and read lights lit up behind me, I knew it wasn’t because I had accidentally hit my neighbor’s Christmas tree. I was incredibly grateful for the dark, since I was only several hundred feet from home. I am sure a few curtains parted and my neighbors were glad that the kind officer was finally catching the offenders. I fumbled for the registration and my license with my head hiding behind the dash. I felt like such a hypocrite.

Sometimes our hypocrisy can be seen for miles. Our two faces can be obvious to those around us and embarrassingly clear, even to ourselves. However, sometimes hypocrisy hides in the darkness of pretentiousness and selfishness.

Hypocrisy becomes most evident when we ignore the law, actually, when we ignore the intentions of the law. I sped because I didn’t care about my neighbors at that moment; I thought that the reason for my hurry was more important than the reason for the law, namely to keep kids safe.

Jesus told us that the most important law is to love God and love our neighbor(s). He said that loving God and others was the entire reason for the law. Jesus said He didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.

Unfortunately, I need the law. I need the reminder of my own shortcomings and hypocrisy. I also need the One who paid my fines and continues to give me grace – like that kind officer who gave me a warning … “this time!”. I wonder if he knew I had signed a petition?

Romans 10:4
“For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.”

Romans 12:9-10
“Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor”



  1. “Unfortunately, I need the law. I need the reminder of my own shortcomings and hypocrisy.” ME TOO, Heidi! And with Wendy L. Macdonald, above, I say “Blessings on your sweet honesty, dear friend!”


  2. In Rom 12:9 the KJV uses the word dissimulation. I like that word better. It means to conceal or hide. It is what we naturally do when we sin.We are to abhor that which is evil and cleave to that which is good. I can see how the police is so good for us, to remind us of our hypocrisy and our evil tendency. My thing is forgetting to put my seat belt on.


    • That’s a good word in the KJV. Several months ago I sat behind a police officer at a traffic light. I was proud of myself for I knew I had kept the speed. When I followed him across, he pulled over and let me pass, only to turn on his lights … In his review-mirror he saw I wasn’t buckled and gave me a ten dollar ticket. I am glad for the reminders when I become an offender … especially when it comes to God’s laws. I am so thankful that God is patient with me.
      Buckle up, Stephen!!!! 🙂


  3. Dear Heidi, I’ve been that lady “hiding behind the dash.”
    Years ago, I was pulled over for speeding along a quiet country road on my way to work. I made my lunch bag up at the last moment and that made me late. I, too, was blessed with a warning. Oh, my, I have no idea how fast I was going since I was trying to beat a train approaching the same crossing I was heading for. Honesty is the best policy with police officers. He asked me if I knew how fast I was going. Of course I was too busy watching the train to know. I fessed up and he smiled at my honesty. 🙂
    Blessings on your sweet honesty too, dear friend.
    Hugs ~ Wendy Mac


  4. Seems we’ve both had moments of self-reflection recently. For me, I tend to cringe when God checks me yet knowing full-well I’ll be grateful for it in the end. And my two faces… well, He knows both of those as well. Try as I might, I just can’t hide either from Him. I’m pretty sure that’s where most of His checking stems from. There’s only truth: His, and I’d do best to live right there. I so appreciate your transparency and honesty. They’re truly a comfort.


    • Ha, reading your blog post today made me smile … I thought the same thing. The Lord is so patient and kind when He points this stuff out. I find myself so befuddled, each time those lights come on behind me. How can I forget so quickly? Let’s keep reminding and encouraging each other to keep going … To keep LOVE as the focus! Glad you’re here, Bren!


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