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Month: November 2019

Go Home

Why do you wander so aimlessly, My soul, far away from home? Have you been evicted shamelessly By lies … and were made to roam? Your walls, your dignity, once were strong Now broken, and occupied By worries and fears of being wrong – By evil and sland’rous lies. Run back in a hurry! Take your stand! Believe now what God has said He paid for your home – secured the land All claims by others are dead None may slander – steal honor from you, Nor take strength and… Read more Go Home


There is one question I am repeatedly asked at church and other places, “It’s been five years since you have adopted. Are things easier now?” Many times I give the short answer and nod my head. The fact is that many things have gotten easier. However, many more things have gotten much harder. In the beginning, when we tried mushing a family of five together with a family of three, we were so much more graceful with each other. We knew we needed space and tried to put on a… Read more Attachments

UNKNOWN (Five Minute Friday)

My husband and I sat in the large meeting room. There was a incredible tension in the room, an anticipation, a fear of the unknown. In a few minutes we were to meet three kids that would change our lives forever. Home studies were finished, interviews done, many hours of talking and contemplating had passed. We were armed with little photo books of our lives, snippets of who we were, trying to convince three lives that it might be a good idea to take a leap into a forever family,… Read more UNKNOWN (Five Minute Friday)