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Month: July 2019

Up to my Ears

I awaken with shoulders pulled up to my ears, Greet the morning with worries, with plans and fears. I walk with my back in a terrible mess – “Please hurry! I’m busy! Don’t add to my stress!” I better get on it, spend time in the Word Plug in to the sermons that everyone’s heard. Must listen to views on You-tube from preachers Must squeeze in “the Spirit” from all those teachers. The newest conclusion in Christendom Has five million hits, “I should listen to him” At the end of… Read more Up to my Ears

The When-Thens

Beware of the When-Thens. I tell you they are dangerous. As a matter of fact, I have been invaded by them and am only slowly recovering. They are the tiniest creatures, lurking about to discourage their unaware hosts. Like a virus on a cruise ship, they are bent on taking over entire endeavors.¬†When-Thens get into your head and attack your vision. At first you will hardly know you have been infected. Symptoms range from moderate feelings of a need for leisure to laziness and can eventually produce a deep sense… Read more The When-Thens