Month: July 2019


The other day my teenage daughter came to me with a photo of her when she was a toddler. Because we adopted her when she was older, I didn’t know her back then. She told me what she remembered about the photo and the… Continue Reading “Change”

Up to my Ears

I awaken with shoulders pulled up to my ears, Greet the morning with worries, with plans and fears. I walk with my back in a terrible mess – “Please hurry! I’m busy! Don’t add to my stress!” I better get on it, spend time… Continue Reading “Up to my Ears”

The When-Thens

Beware of the When-Thens. I tell you they are dangerous. As a matter of fact, I have been invaded by them and am only slowly recovering. They are the tiniest creatures, lurking about to discourage their unaware hosts. Like a virus on a cruise… Continue Reading “The When-Thens”

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