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Month: May 2019

One More Person

Someone once said, “As Christians we stand at the gates of hell and redirect traffic.” When I contemplate¬†our efforts as Christians in evanglism, I am reminded of the ending scene of the movie “Schindler’s List”. Years ago that scene left me undone and made (and still has) a big impact on me, a native German. My grandfather who was born in 1925 fell for Nazi propaganda while indoctrinated in the Hitler Youth. I tried telling him about the Lord in a letter, after I had come to the States and… Read more One More Person

The Games We Play

Recently, I told a friend that I felt like my faith and walk with God were more like a game of “Chutes and Ladders” than a steady climb up Mount Everest. Since we have expanded our family from three to six kids a little over four years ago by adoption, we have experienced many ups and downs. Certain circumstances, past memories, new wounds, reckless words, or the lack of patience, have often catapulted us seemingly all the way to the bottom making us feel like we have to start all… Read more The Games We Play