Month: March 2019

Pruning Jam

I love gooseberry jam. I hate gooseberry bushes. The shrubs have vicious thorns and at this time of year need pruning. Even with heavy gloves, the thick thorns poke through as to try to keep me from doing my job. Old, gnarly canes along… Continue Reading “Pruning Jam”

Anticipation and Surprise

For my birthday my husband and sister gave me a most memorable gift, a visit to Germany to see my family – all by myself.  I can’t recall a time in my married life I have traveled alone for an extended trip. My sister… Continue Reading “Anticipation and Surprise”

Showers of Guilt

While finishing my quiet time, I asked (no, begged) the Lord to let me know His presence. I was like a little girl in the store asking her daddy to please let her pick up a piece of candy on the way out. I… Continue Reading “Showers of Guilt”

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