Just Do It

Clean it up
Put it there
Fold it and tuck it in drawers –
Swish and mop
Wash it down
Scrub it down real good once more.
Click the belt
Press the gas
Go down the same road again –
Kiss the kids
Wave goodby
Take a breath – drive home through the rain
Wipe the dish
Take that call
Walk the dog and talk to God
Hear Him say,
“Slow it down,
Your thinking, my child, might be flawed!”
Look to Me
Listen with care
Hear the Words I have spoken to you
Read my Word
Come in prayer
Know I’m here and walk you through!
Wash their feet
Hold their hands
Listen to why their hearts cry
Show my ways
Kiss their wings
For you’re teaching my saints to fly.”


  1. How well you’ve captured the repetition and boredom of so many household tasks. But that last line, “Teaching saints to fly,” brings a whole new perspective. I especially appreciated the reminder: “Know I’m here and will walk you through.” No matter the stage of life, that assurance is precious truth indeed. Thank you, Heidi!


  2. Beautiful. It’s been way too long since I’ve come by to read your words. They are an encouragement and always have a way of pointing me to the Lord…just where my focus needs to be. Thank you, friend!


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