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Month: March 2017


  The light was red. I slowly pulled into the left turn lane to wait for the light to change.  I noticed a State Patrol car in front of me. A good feeling overcame me. I had a guilt-free conscience since my registration was up to date, I had not been speeding, and my lights all worked (and since I had been an outstanding citizen). The light turned green and I followed the trooper as we both turned left. He however turned to the far right lane to let me… Read more Guilty

How Would I Know?

I wrote this about 3 years ago, but it has even more meaning for me today. I want to encourage you to continue to look to Jesus Christ as you battle your storms and obediently trust God for the provisions on your journey. He is with you! How would I know that you are my Light, Had I never seen darkness, but all had been bright? How would I know that you are my Peace, Had I never battled, but all wars had ceased? How would I know that you… Read more How Would I Know?

Just Do It

Clean it up Put it there Fold it and tuck it in drawers – Swish and mop Wash it down Scrub it down real good once more. ~ Click the belt Press the gas Go down the same road again – Kiss the kids Wave goodby Take a breath – drive home through the rain ~ Wipe the dish Take that call Walk the dog and talk to God Hear Him say, “Slow it down, Your thinking, my child, might be flawed!” ~ Look to Me Listen with care Hear… Read more Just Do It