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Month: February 2016

Digging Wells

Been sitting here in this pit for a while. It’s deep in the ground, I bet it’s a mile. Been digging this hole for days, until now Lost track of the time and sunlight somehow. It’s dark and lonely, here in this sad well. I wonder how long I must sit and dwell. You see, I started to dig- not content The way I was going – the way I went. I thought I’d find treasures by digging around, By making a well with my eyes on the ground. Now… Read more Digging Wells

Imago Dei

His image printed on each face In every heart displayed His glory mirrored in each race Throughout the earth arrayed His picture on the weakest child On old and frail, there too In men and women – both alike His likeness peers on through In those despised by this world’s fair In lost and in the found In poor and rich – His imprint’s there In people all around Be careful then how you treat man For God’s face is on all To love your neighbor is His plan To… Read more Imago Dei