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Month: October 2015

Thrown Out!

(Just did some house cleaning … sure feels good!) I finally did throw you out! You cheat and lie when I’m about. You let me step all over you. I’m done with you! With you I’m through! You wobble back and forth all day. Why am I looking down your way? I want to cry each time I glance In your direction … NOT A CHANCE! From here on out you’re not in charge! I’m in control! If small or large! Your weight won’t haunt me any more. There’s now… Read more Thrown Out!


“Forever is a long time!”, someone said to me today as we were contemplating the meaning of a forever family. I am reminded that forever is indeed a long time, when I think not just about our time on earth but also eternity. Forever is a long time. It means eternal love and security for those who know Jesus. Forever is a long time. It means eternal separation from all that is good, for those who have rejected God and trusted in their own ways.