Love Notes

crocus april, 2015 005

I almost missed the little slip of paper, which had obviously been torn out of a notebook. It was small enough to escape one’s notice easily.

There it sat on the floor. I picked it up and turned it around.

Immediately my heart became overwhelmed with this familiar feeling of love and longing. It was exactly what I had hoped it to be, a note from my niece, who had visited along with my sister over two years ago.

“I love you and miss you so much!”

For the past couple of years, these little notes of love had been hiding all over my house. I would find them in the most odd places, like in a stack of coffee filters, way down. She had hidden them all over, under, and in between things.

How precious when I find them and am reminded of our time together.

How this reminds of my Father’s notes for me, hidden everywhere, placed with loving care.

“Lord, help me to see where you leave me Your notes of Love
Each day as I walk, reveal Your heart of kindness to me
Give Light to my eyes, so I can see You
~In faces of people, who bare Your image
~In Your Word of Truth, the Bible
~In nature and that which Your hand has created
~In Jesus Christ, my Life and Light.
crocus april, 2015 006

  (pictures and devotional, Heidi Viars ~April 2015)

18 Comments on “Love Notes

    • Thank you for always showing us His “love notes” in His Word when we come to your blog. Thank you for your encouragement here. It means much to me, Debbie!


  1. What a delightful idea–to hide little love-notes around the house like your niece did! To think that God does the same thing–through creation, people, events, scripture and other reading, etc. Every blessing is a love-note from Him, isn’t it. I wonder what notes I’ll find today? Thank you, Heidi!


    • Thank you, dear Nancy, for reading. Hoping you see many, many glimpses and love notes displayed for you today. May you find yourself delighting in them always!


  2. These are precious thoughts. God does leave His love notes for us. I wonder how many I have missed because I wasn’t expecting them or looking for them. Thank you for this wonderful post. I will look for those love notes from Him.


    • May we find time in our business to see His gracious provisions for us, most importantly in His Son, Jesus Christ … Blessings to you, Stephen


  3. Gorgeous tree photo!
    Yes, it is so hard to see and love those who are mean to us or make us angry. To see them as also being in God’s image. Thanks for the reminder, Heidi.


  4. What a great spiritual analogy for the gift of love notes from your niece and sister! We rejoice because God expresses His love to us in the extraordinary and the ordinary down to the smallest and seemingly insignificant details (unless we are paying attention!) We are so loved! A small flower and a beautiful sunset painted with God’s brush upon creation – just for you!


    • Thank you, Debbie, for taking time to read and comment. Blessings to you on your journey as you find notes of love for you, especially in His Son Jesus Christ 🙂


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