Month: February 2015


My hands were freezing as I pushed my groceries across the Walmart parking lot. I noticed a woman standing by the cart-return, where I was parked. She wore the blue store uniform and was obviously cold. While loading my bags in the trunk, I… Continue Reading “Uncomfortable”

“Turn Mundane Into Holy”

“LORD, help my prideful heart today, My work before YOUR throne to lay. LORD, teach my selfish stubborn will To quiet down – how to be still. ~ Show me that routine tasks I do, Are not for me, but all for YOU. In… Continue Reading ““Turn Mundane Into Holy””

The Unseen Hand

An Unseen Hand has formed this place – From nothing made all that is seen. The Hand which spans all time and space With gentle care formed you and me. This Hand has weighed the mountains grand. Deep in its hollow measured seas. It… Continue Reading “The Unseen Hand”

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