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Month: January 2015

How I Love You!

What all could I do, to show you my love? Should I let the stars sing, or turn planets above? What else could I move, to convince you I care? Should I send raging storms, or move lightening through air? What act of my love would persuade you today? Should I, in myself, for depravity pay? What more could I give, so your heart turns to me? Should I ask my own Son, on a cross for you bleed? It all has been done, yet still won’t you bend Toward… Read more How I Love You!

To My Praying Friends

I want to say, “THANK YOU!” to all of you who prayed for our son Corey this summer. You prayed us through the hardest time of our life. You showed us Who was our Hope and pointed us to the Lord, continually! Here is a 8 minute video taken of Corey last week. He was able to speak to over 3,500 youths in Green Bay. To God be the glory and to you all our heartfelt thanks.