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Month: December 2014

Make Room

Mary and Joseph desperately needed a place to stay. While traveling on a journey, in dire need, no one was willing to make room. Today, we too struggle with making room. Our lives and homes are filled to the brim with work, activities, and stuff, most of which have little to no eternal value. We are good about making others feel like burdens and invaders. Interestingly, according to the Census Bureau, we have increased our living spaces and decreased our family sizes. Why is there no room? My mother used… Read more Make Room

Praying Big

I pray Your will, God, be my heart For You to set my life apart For perfect love to cast out fear To know Your presence strong and near To stand in Holy Spirit power. To not grow faint with passing hour To know and speak Your Truth and Word The Gospel from my mouth be heard For full assurance of Your ways As hardship there before me lays For love to cover many sins For what I do Christ glory brings For making strong my feeble hand For laying… Read more Praying Big