Month: November 2014

Comfort’s Calling

A tiny voice did beckon me While I walked roads of faith Convinced my tired heart to see That comfort was the way. I followed it to paths of ease (A small turn I must say) From toiling roads soon I was freed, Walked…

Notes of Grace

Though all is cold, seek notes of grace On frozen paths, forsaken ways. Tune ear and soul to notes of grace, For God conducts as grace notes chase ~ His song is tuned to notes of grace Make ears attend, turn up your face,…

The Silence Thief

Guard yourself from him who takes, He who steals – the silence breaks, Quiet moments he destroys. Sound and racket he employs. Blasts your days with deaf’ning noise. Where he treads, the quiet shakes. Priceless gifts of peace and rest, Costly stillness which is…

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