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Month: August 2014

Going Home

After two weeks and one day Corey will be released TODAY!!!! He could not be more excited. He still has one chest tube, which has a valve attached to it now. His right lung is still healing and still leaks a little air. There are more check-ups scheduled. God has been with us, every step of the way. His Word tells us that He never leaves nor forsakes us. His promises stand. His Word is true. We can trust all that He tells us. His heart is kind toward His… Read more Going Home

Perfect Strangers

The phone rang and in an instant our lives changed. While I forget many ordinary tasks I perform during the day, I will never forget what I was doing when my son called me on his cell at 8:33 a.m. to tell me that his older brother collided with a vehicle while they both were on an early morning bicycle ride. I was braiding my daughter’s hair. I left her sitting with a half braid and rushed to the accident, only three miles from our house. First responders were already… Read more Perfect Strangers


After ten days in the ICU and on a ventilator, our son is finally breathing on his own, without a breathing tube. He was extubated this morning and is slowly coming back from a long sleep. We are filled with joy as we are talking with him and even made a few jokes. He is an amazing young man. God has great plans for him. God has kept us in the palm of his righteous right hand and never left nor forsaken us. While we walk through these valleys, he… Read more Milestones