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Month: June 2014

The Unshakable

I gazed up into the early morning sky. In an instant, I became keenly aware of the vastness that stretched above my head. Though stars were no longer visible, I suddenly realized how incredibly deep space extended over me. Though I could not see, I knew that billions of galaxies much larger than our own small Milky Way, had been strewn much farther into space than my finite mind would ever be able to conceive. From the beginning of time and into time not yet experienced by mankind, our God… Read more The Unshakable

Testimony Monday (on Tuesday)

What happens when God picks a fight? This week on the This is the Day podcast, Nancy Turner, talks with respected Bible teacher, Kasey Van Norman, who found herself facing the greatest challenge of her life being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Hear her story from the depths of despair to triumphant victory in a faithful God. Listen to the interview below for your encouragement! Raw Faith, Interview Kasey Van Norman