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Month: May 2014

The Promise

God promised me a Filling Pow’r His Helper gave to me. But I, instead of living filled, live empty, in defeat.  ~ God gifted me the Holy Ghost Through Jesus’ sacrifice. Instead of living in His strength I struggle and I fight.  ~ God purposed truth and peace for me. His Comforter to know. His wisdom and His knowledge vast Will show me where to go.  ~ God’s Holy Promise is my Seal. No earthly force can stand. No power of hell can harm my soul, If under His command.… Read more The Promise

Testimony Monday

Listen to the testimony of Stephanie Jeffers on Moody Radio (This is the Day with Nancy Turner). Have you ever felt too broken, too sinful or too far gone for God’s love? Nancy Turner talks with Stephanie Jeffers who shares her powerful testimony of going from being a dancer in a strip club to discovering God’s redemptive power and grace. Hear how a ministry called Stripped Free is helping to change lives of women trapped in the sex industry. This is the Day – Stripped Free (Stephanie Jeffers)  

Monday Testimony

Each Monday I would like to point you to a podcast on Moody Radio about people who have been impacted by Jesus Christ in a powerful way. Here is the first one. Let me know what you think. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Dr. Nabeel Qureshi)    


I paid close attention to my answers as I worked through the work book this week. I did not want to miss a single thing, knowing I had to lead the discussion this Sunday in the Women’s Sunday School Class. The topic was Godly wisdom. I was grateful for the study guide and all the work the author (Vicki Courtney) had already poured into the material (The Virtuous Woman). She expounded on Scriptures and how valuable Godly wisdom was. Job 28:15-19 says It cannot be bought for gold,     and silver… Read more Wisdom