Open Me

Sunrise snowy morning 015Open my eyes to the souls next to me.
Open my vision to hearts who can’t see.

Open my ears so their cries I can hear.
Open my life, living Christ’s hope – not fear.

Open my arms to the hurt and the lost.
Open my wallet not counting the cost.

Open my hands to release what I own.
Open my house – for the hurt make a home.

Open my mouth to speak Words of my King.
Open the floodgates for praises to ring.

Open the Word so that I understand.
Open my mind, know Your strong leading hand.

Open my soul for Your Spirit to reign.
Open my heart, own just Christ, my true gain.

Isaiah 58'10

(Heidi Viars, 2013)

31 Comments on “Open Me

  1. Open me — beautiful… This is my prayer too — to be always open to His will and His way… God bless you Heidi!



    • It seems much easier to me to write poetry about it, rather than allowing Him to crack my hardened heart and surrender it all … But He is so trustworthy, isn’t He! …. much love to you, Cheryl~


  2. Heidi, I love the verse and picture you put together. This a wonderful word for us to meditate and reflect on with obedience to follow.

    2014 Blessings ~ Wendy


    • Isaiah 58 reveals so much about the heart of God and was the moving force behind this poem. I have read through it this past year many times. Actually verses 8-12 are such an incredible promise to us that He goes with us when we spent ourselves on behalf of the broken. He has proven that to me so powerfully this year, And yet, I struggle to let go …
      I am grateful He is patient! New Year’s blessings to you, dearest Wendy!


    • Thanks so much, Debbie for coming by… I pray we are willing to let Him open those places and then freely surrender all to Him. Blessings to you in 2014, dear blogging friend!


  3. Oh wowza, I’m lovin’ this, Heidi. God bless you BIG–Blessed New Year! love, sis Caddo


  4. Beautiful poetry – to open our hearts, our homes – what inspiring sentiment for the New Year – and I love. love too how when we do this our gloom is as bright as noonday! Happpy New Year Heidi!


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